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+ Market Research

+ Art Direction

+ Creative Direction

+ Brand Strategy + Positioning

+ Brand Consulting

+ Visual Identity Refresh

+ Marketing Collateral

+ Package + Print Design

+ Website Strategy + Design Support


Design a brand campaign to accompany the release of a new full length album.


Designing a brand campaign to accompany the release of a new full-length album encompasses a multifaceted process. It begins with a comprehensive understanding of the artist's unique brand identity, musical genre, and the album's thematic content. This knowledge forms the foundation for crafting a cohesive campaign that resonates with the intended audience. The campaign requires a detailed strategy, articulating the album's distinctive qualities, emotions, and engaging narrative. Visual elements, including album artwork and promo materials, must align with the artist's brand while encapsulating the album's essence. And you can't forget the crucial role that timing plays, with a structured timeline for teasers, as well as pre-release and post-release activities. Leveraging all of these assets into a diverse range of marketing channels, from social media to press releases, maximizes an artist's visibility and audience engagement. 


Jess Ray


Independent Recording Artist


Strategy, Identity, Web, Packaging


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